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Of all of Tom Ford's beauty products, Eye Defining Pencil might be the most disappointing. For the asking price, you should get a much, much better product than this!

This eyeliner pencil is unremarkable in performance. You get a standard wooden pencil that needs sharpening, which means you're wasting product with each turn of the sharpener.

Ford claims this pencil is made with "innovative technology," but never bothers to explain exactly what that technology is or what makes it innovative, or why it's different from any number of similar pencils on the market. And, you certainly won't see that technology in action if you buy it.

Eye Pencil is soft and easy to apply, and the color quality is good, but it smudges as the day wears on. There's just nothing exceptional about it that sets it apart from any number of drugstore products - it's not deserving of your time or your money.

  • Pencil is soft and easy to apply.
  • Color quality is good.
  • Pencil needs sharpening, which wastes product.
  • Liner smudges by the end of the day.
  • Expensive given its average performance.
Last Updated:07.26.2016
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Unknown
Community Reviews
An intense, kohl-effect defining pencil by Tom Ford combines innovative technology with rich color pigments for color that glides on smooth. Use it outside and inside the lid for an instant sultry effect. It even includes a sharpener for total convenience.
Brand Overview

Tom Ford is one of the world's hottest fashion designers. Coming to prominence in the mid-1990s, he became Creative Director at Gucci's fashion house, creating his own designer line in 2006 and five years later, followed in the footsteps of other high-fashion houses by launching a line of color cosmetics.

Housed in sleek black packaging with "Tom Ford" stamped in prominent gold-embossed lettering, the makeup certainly looks luxurious, and the pricing is definitely in the haute couture range. There are some great performers among Ford's small but well-edited makeup line, and we’re happy to say most of the products have minimal or no fragrance. There are a few exceptions which are noted in our individual reviews.

For more information about Tom Ford Beauty, visit www.tomford.com.

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