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At first glance, Noir Absolute for Eyes looks like a gel eyeliner along the lines of MAC's Fluidline or Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner. When you open up the jar though, you'll notice it's a much less creamy product, with a far drier texture than the M.A.C. or Bobbi Brown formulas. This means the best way to apply it is with a stiff, short-bristled brush rather than a pointed eyeliner brush.

Noir Absolute comes in only one color, a midnight blue shade with subtle sparkles. (Tom Ford's website says it's black, but it is most assuredly midnight blue!). It's supposed to be dual purpose - used either smudged on the eyelid itself for a messy smokey eye look, or right along the lash line as a standard liner. We advise using it mainly as a liner though, unless you're going for a runway-edgy look that says, "I slept in my makeup but am too beautiful to care."

We admit that Noir Absolute for Eyes looks attractive (the sparkles do serve to highlight eyes) and applies easily with the right brush. However, it fades quite a bit over time - by the time we took it off at the end of the day, the outer edges of our eyeliner design were mostly worn off! You'd wind up happier using a similar but longer lasting product from M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, or Laura Mercier.

  • Attractive midnight blue (not black) shade.
  • Subtle sparkles enhance eyes.
  • Fades quite a bit over time.
Last Updated:07.26.2016
Jar Packaging:Yes
Tested on animals:Unknown
Community Reviews
Noir Absolute for eyes is a black gel formula that's designed to sweep over your entire lid for a smoldering eye or as a subtle liner. It features highly-enriched, blackened pigments infused with a spark of blue optics to catch the light and brighten your eyes.
Brand Overview

Tom Ford is one of the world's hottest fashion designers. Coming to prominence in the mid-1990s, he became Creative Director at Gucci's fashion house, creating his own designer line in 2006 and five years later, followed in the footsteps of other high-fashion houses by launching a line of color cosmetics.

Housed in sleek black packaging with "Tom Ford" stamped in prominent gold-embossed lettering, the makeup certainly looks luxurious, and the pricing is definitely in the haute couture range. There are some great performers among Ford's small but well-edited makeup line, and we’re happy to say most of the products have minimal or no fragrance. There are a few exceptions which are noted in our individual reviews.

For more information about Tom Ford Beauty, visit www.tomford.com.

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