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This liquid concealer is sold as a camouflaging tool for dark circles and redness, and while the applicator may look a bit gimmicky, it works surprisingly well. Concealing Pen is outfitted with a twisting mechanism that disperses the fluid formula through a small opening of the attached soft sponge tip. The rounded sponge is flexible enough to contour to whatever area your targeting whether it's under the eyes or corners of your nose.

You'll likely want to do some blending with your fingertips for perfectly smooth coverage, but overall this concealer meshes convincingly with skin. The fragrance-free formula sets to a matte (in feel) finish but has a subtle light-reflective quality that keeps skin looking enlivened rather than flat (an effect that's particularly nice under the eye area). It offers medium coverage that is buildable without looking cakey and feels lightweight.

The downfall is that this concealer is prone to creasing into fine lines. We found setting it lightly with powder helped deter that issue, but doing so also dulls the finish… and for this price, you really shouldn't have to compromise or help the concealer do its job!

If it weren't for the creasing issue, this concealer would have earned our highest rating. Still, if you're curious to give it a try, the formula contains a dusting of antioxidants and anti-irritants for skin's benefit and the shade range covers light (but not porcelain) to deep skin tones. Concealing Pen works best for normal to oily or combination skin; it is not moisturizing enough to apply around bare eyes, so be sure to prep with eye cream or moisturizer first.

  • Offers medium, buildable coverage that meshes convincingly with skin.
  • Sets to a matte finish with subtle light reflection so skin doesn't look flat.
  • Soft, flexible, sponge tip applicator contours to target areas.
  • Fragrance-free formula contains a smattering of skin-beneficial ingredients.
  • Prone to creasing into fine lines.
Last Updated:07.26.2016
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Unknown
Community Reviews
Designed with a unique applicator, the Tom Ford Concealing Pen delivers an undetectable finish while camouflaging undereye circles, uneven skin tone and redness. Its luxurious formula includes the Tom Ford Infusing Complex to rejuvenate your skin from within, creating the appearance of a smooth, flawless complexion.
Brand Overview

Tom Ford is one of the world's hottest fashion designers. Coming to prominence in the mid-1990s, he became Creative Director at Gucci's fashion house, creating his own designer line in 2006 and five years later, followed in the footsteps of other high-fashion houses by launching a line of color cosmetics.

Housed in sleek black packaging with "Tom Ford" stamped in prominent gold-embossed lettering, the makeup certainly looks luxurious, and the pricing is definitely in the haute couture range. There are some great performers among Ford's small but well-edited makeup line, and we’re happy to say most of the products have minimal or no fragrance. There are a few exceptions which are noted in our individual reviews.

For more information about Tom Ford Beauty, visit www.tomford.com.

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