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For $25, this mascara should take lashes to new heights and we should have our checked bag fee waived because the airline attendant simply can't resist our gorgeous gaze. Alas, that's not what happens with Mile High Lashes. This unusual mascara has the odd distinction of making lashes look shorter the more you apply. One coat is OK, but adding more seems to stunt and then reverse results. You end up with lashes that look slightly stuck together and stubby, not full, soft, and flutter-worthy.

The conical brush has flexible spike-like bristles that you'd think would easily define and elongate lashes, taking them to new heights but the opposite occurs unless you have a spoolie brush handy to smooth and comb through lashes. Doing so takes more time than we suspect most women would want to spend applying mascara, but with patience, you can get lashes to look good with this mascara—which is why this didn't automatically get our lowest rating. Well, that and Mile High Lashes is easy to remove and doesn't flake during wear (it did smudge a bit, though).

The question is do you want to spend more than you need to for a mascara that requires more work than it should to produce good (but not great) results?

  • Doesn't clump or flake.
  • Fragrance-free, easy-to-remove formula.
  • Somehow makes lashes look stubby and stuck together the more it's applied.
  • Overpriced for the extra effort it takes to get acceptable results.
  • Can't make it through the day without minor smudging.
Last Updated:03.13.2015
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:No
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Brand Overview

Makeup artist Jeanine Lobell has been at the helm of Stila since its inception in 1994, and her creations have an impressive history of blending innovation with eye-catching, fun packaging. Of course, this innovation is not without its price, and you will find some rather ordinary products where the packaging or dispensing method is the only thing that's exciting. Where Lobell struck gold is with her superlative collection of foundations. We’ve examined hundreds of makeup lines for this and previous editions of this book, and Stila has had and continues to maintain one of the best collections of truly neutral foundation colors. For anyone confused about what we mean by "neutral tones," you need look no further, though we are pleased that more mainstream lines (including L'Oreal, Revlon, Clinique, and even Cover Girl) are now creating wonderfully neutral foundation colors. Stila's foundations aren't inexpensive, but it's critical to get a foundation that's right for you, and that may mean splurging. Other stellar categories include concealers, blush, eyeshadows, brushes, and much better mascaras than in years past.

Once an independent brand with a first-to-market approach to clever cardboard packaging that was sleek, urban, and utilitarian at the same time, Stila's presence and product lineup and distribution expanded (with mostly favorable results) when it was acquired by Estee Lauder in 1999. It was a bit perplexing when Lauder announced in late 2005 that it would sell Stila to "optimize our portfolio of brands" and put more attention (read: financial resources) into their M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown brands (Source: The Rose Sheet, April 17, 2006, page 4). Ironically, of those three brands, Stila has the most compelling collection of products. M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown are no slouches, but Stila always had a slight edge, at least in the complexion-enhancing categories.

An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners (naming itself Stila Corporation) bought the brand from Lauder in spring 2006 and has been at the helm since. Lauder's no longer owning Stila led to the brand's hasty exit from department stores, a move that left many shoppers wondering what the heck happened (and, at least in the stores we visited, the sales associates were vague about the line's future). Luckily, Stila still has a home in Sephora stores worldwide, and is randomly distributed in select department stores. That's great news, because there is much to love about this line, and the most recent crop of products proves that Stila has every intention of remaining a competitive player in the compelling game that is the cosmetics industry.

For more information about Stila, visit www.stilacosmetics.com.

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