Sonia KashukJet Set Liquid Liner
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It’s ironic that this liquid eye liner is called “Jet Set” because it takes an inordinately long amount of time to dry! This is a problem for any liquid liner because if you open your eyes too soon—Bam!—you’ve got eyeliner on your upper eyelid, and you’re starting all over with your eye makeup design.

Beyond that issue, this also dries to a glossy finish, which can accentuate eyelid wrinkles. The color stays rich and true, unless you encounter even a bit of moisture, then it’s prone to smearing. While the tapered felt-tip applicator does allow for precision with the rich color, there are enough drawbacks here to keep this from earning a strong recommendation.

  • Felt tip applicator delivers smooth, accurate line.
  • Rich color goes on opaque.
  • Excessive dry time slows down makeup application.
  • Smears easily with even the smallest amount of moisture.
  • Glossy finish accentuates wrinkles.
Last Updated:02.08.2013
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:No
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Sonia Kashuk At-A-Glance

Strengths: Affordable and widely available (though exclusive to Target stores); good makeup remover; the makeup is still the star attraction, with impressive options for foundation, powder, blush, lip color, eyeliner and especially makeup brushes.

Weaknesses: The concealers, eye pencil, and brow shapers are a letdown; the makeup palettes may seem convenient, but several of the included products perform poorly.

Perhaps best known for her years of work with supermodel Cindy Crawford, makeup artist Sonia Kashuk's well-chosen selection of makeup has been available exclusively at Target stores since the mid-1990s.

 Kashuk's brushes have been a strong point, and now that they've been redone they're better than ever, and still affordable. This is definitely a makeup collection worth visiting, and you'll find some premium options among Kashuk's powder foundation, regular powders, and blush. Several other products, from foundation to lipsticks, are also worthy of attention, though this is not a line that caters to darker skin tones. Ironically, it's the latest cosmetic products that met with the most critical reviews, largely due to poor execution or their gimmicky nature.

For more information about Sonia Kashuk, visit soniakashuk.com or www.target.com.

Note: Sonia Kashuk products are also available at select Bloomingdales locations in New York and California. The company also maintains freestanding stores in New York and New Jersey.

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