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NARS Satin Lip Pencil is basically a satin lipstick in chunky pencil form. It comes in a wide variety of shades – from true neutrals to out-there bold colors – and each glides on very easily.

Satin Lip Pencil feels moisturizing and comfortable on lips. The color quality is rich and beautiful, and this wears for a couple of hours before fading into a pretty stain.

The main drawback is that this pencil is smaller than others in this product category and requires routine sharpening which eats up the length of the pencil faster than a twist-up liner, so you're just not getting enough bang for the buck. This also has the tendency to bleed slightly into lines around the mouth, which is a trait most creamy lip colors share.

  • Applies easily and feels moisturizing.
  • Color quality is rich and shade selection is extensive.
  • Fades into a nice stain.
  • Smaller than other, comparable chunky lip pencils.
  • Requires routine sharpening, meaning product is being wasted.
  • Can bleed into fine lines around the mouth.
  • Expensive for what you get.
Last Updated:02.03.2014
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:No
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NARS At-A-Glance

Frenchman Francois Nars has been painting the faces of New York's top models since arriving in the United States in 1984. Their images and his handiwork have been seen on the covers of countless fashion magazines, most notably Vogue and Elle. As the story often goes for the talented makeup artists who have become celebrities in their own right, Nars became frustrated with the state of available makeup and, surprise, another cosmetic line was born.

Beginning (as Bobbi Brown did) by launching a small collection of lipsticks in 1994, the clamor for the colors was incredible, and demand for more NARS products from the artist grew. Shortly thereafter an entire product line followed, gaining attention with vibrant, deeply pigmented colors, sleek, tactile-enhanced packaging and risqué shade names.

As an overview, NARS makeup has many strengths—it reaches its zenith with blushes, tinted moisturizer, foundations, brushes, and lipsticks. If you’re a fan of bold colors, you’ll find them here, and the brand offers consistently impressive foundations and concealers. NARS consistently impresses when it comes to offering a wide range of shades to suit nearly any skin tone.

Where NARS often falls short is in the amount of fragrance added to many of their skincare formulas. In some cases, the amount and specific fragrance ingredients chosen outweigh the potential benefits, so be sure to double check their review before buying. Overall, NARS offers a lot to love, and if you don’t mind splurging a bit (as their prices can be on the spendy side) there are quite a few makeup picks that come with our highest recommendations.

Strengths: Superior foundations and foundation shade options; excellent blushes; splurge-worthy lipsticks; beautiful bronzers and consistently impressive color products.

Weaknesses: Can be expensive; a few skincare formulas contain high amounts of fragrance.

For more information about NARS, owned by Shiseido, call (888) 788-6277 or visit www.narscosmetics.com.

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