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Intense indeed! Lip Intense Liquid Color paints on with full-coverage pigment in one fell swoop with an uber-lightweight feel. The liquid-cream formula is applied via a sponge tip applicator that flows across lips for smooth, even color and a shiny (but not glossy) finish.

Where Lip Intense Liquid Color falters a bit is that can slip into the lines around the mouth, and because the pigments are ultra-saturated it looks like a blotchy Kool-Aid stain when it does. Milani even recommends pairing this with an anti-feather lip liner to help keep the color in place, a sign they’re aware of this drawback.

More to the point, the small shade range is so bold and vibrant that it can be a bit intimidating. With shades like Pink Rave (hot fuchsia pink) and Violet Addict (violet purple), many people won’t find a color that suits or flatters them.

Once the creaminess wears away, the saturated pigments fade to a more sheer stain of color that lasts for several more hours. In that sense, you get long-wear, just not in the manner you had hoped.

We initially swooned for the impressively pigmented wear that Lip Intense Liquid Color offers, but the performance and shade range turned out to be a letdown. Adding to its list of problems, the formula poses a slight risk of irritation due to its inclusion of the fragrant plant extract, lavender. That was enough to send us over the edge and put this product in the ‘do not buy’ zone!


  • Super-saturated pigments keep lips colored for hours.
  • Lightweight, liquid-cream formula blends on smoothly.


  • Formula is prone to bleeding outside the lip line, even if you don’t have lines around the mouth.
  • Inclusion of lavender poses a risk of irritation to lips.
  • Small, vibrant shade range won’t flatter the masses.
Last Updated:09.15.2014
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:No
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Brand Overview

Milani Cosmetics At-a-Glance

Strengths: Inexpensive with some excellent options for women of color; good Baked Blush; silky pressed-powder eyeshadow palette; Infinite Liquid Eye Liner and Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner have amazing staying power; Smooth Finish Cream-to-Powder Makeup.

Weaknesses: Baked Bronzer; numerous products that contain potentially irritating fragrant ingredients; several mediocre to poor products including Color Perfect Lipstick, Crystal Gloss, and The Multitasker Face Powder.

Launched in 2002, Milani Cosmetics prides itself as being an affordable beauty line with a "passion for color and a recognized need for a broader variety" for women of different ages, skin tones and income. While many brands have a limited selection of products designed for medium to dark skin, Milani has succeeded in catering to women with deeper skin tones, which is this makeup line's chief point of difference. We admire Milani for celebrating the beauty in diversity, and their dedication to providing color options that are appropriate (and appealing) to a wide range of skin tones.

Milani focuses on face and eye products, and this is where they excel. Despite being a smaller brand (compared to the likes of Cover Girl or L'Oreal), Milani products can be found tucked alongside the big makeup lines in many drugstores and stores like Target and Wal-Mart. They've definitely added a splash of color to the cosmetics aisle, and several of their inexpensive products are definitely worth a look. But as with most makeup lines, there also are some poorly executed products to avoid.

This is a diverse line with a mix of bold, classic, and trendy makeup. Although the products may be aesthetically pleasing on the shelf, their visual appeal doesn't always translate well to actual application and performance quality. In some instances, Milani's philosophy of "color, color, color and more color" misses the boat by offering glitzy, ultra-vibrant shades, instead of more options for a classic makeup application (women of color have to go to work, too, not just out for the evening). Just because you have dark skin doesn't mean your color choices need to be shocking or ultra-bold. Still, as mentioned, Milani offers some worthwhile products and their prices are budget-friendly. On balance, you'll find more to like than avoid.

For more information about Milani Cosmetics, call 1-866-789-8002 or visit www.milanicosmetics.com

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