Estee LauderDouble Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer
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Once again, a Double Wear product that doesn’t disappoint! This liquid concealer provides nearly full coverage with a matte finish that stays put throughout the day. You can obtain seamless application using the sponge-tip applicator (and smoothing out with your fingers), but you must blend quickly before the formula has a chance to set. Once it dries, this is tricky to soften or sheer out as it has very little movement.

The shade range is substantial for a concealer, with options for fair to deep skin tones. We’d advise considering the Light/Medium shade cautiously due to its noticeable pink undertone, but otherwise the range is full of natural-looking shades. This concealer is ideal for normal to oily skin (it holds up impressively well in oily areas), and is suitable for those prone to breakouts (in terms of formula and coverage). It’s also workable for concealing under-eye dark circles, although some may experience a minimal amount of creasing if wrinkles are present, and this isn’t a moisturizing concealer by any means.

All things considered, we’d say this concealer lives up to its name beautifully!

  • Liquid, matte finish provides nearly full coverage.
  • Coverage lasts throughout the day, even if you have oily skin.
  • Sponge-tip applicator is mess-free and easy to use.
  • Several natural-looking shades for fair to deep skin tones.
  • Must blend immediately due to quick dry formula.
Last Updated:03.26.2015
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Yes
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Estee Lauder At-A-Glance

The history of Estee Lauder goes back to 1946, when the woman who created the brand (and for whom it is named) began selling creams and lotions made by her chemist uncle. From its humble beginnings, Estee Lauder has grown to become a multibillion-dollar company whose products are sold all over the world and advertised in just about every fashion and women's lifestyle magazine available.

The biggest compliment we can pay to the venerable Estee Lauder line is that their moisturizers and serums can largely be described as state-of-the-art. Though fragrance is often intrusive, but when it comes to formulary excellence culminating in products that give skin what it needs to function optimally, they are tough to beat.

When it comes to makeup, by and large the brand also exceeds expectations. Though there are some under-performing products (you can read more about them in our individual reviews), Lauder has a number of excellent options, most notably its lip colors.

For more information about Estee Lauder, call (877) 311-3883 or visit www.esteelauder.com.

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