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For the money, you really can’t beat this pressed-powder eyeshadow! Is it perfect? No, but for $2 we’re not complaining! The only weakness is the shadow’s powdery texture leads to some flaking when you apply, but this can be remedied by being sure to knock excess powder from your brush and apply in thin, sheer layers until you reach the desired color intensity. Otherwise, these eyeshadows, which are sold as quads, are quite good!

The texture is smooth and application is, save for the flaking issue, worry-free. Each shade in the compact is marked for the area it should be applied (base color, lid, crease, and liner) and these marking make sense so they’re actually a helpful addition.

Color-wise, not every set is ideal; our favorites for their versatility are Beautiful Browns, Tantalizing Taupe, Golden Goddess, and Smoky. Every shade in each quad has some degree of shine, with the majority leaving  moderate shimmer (so this eyeshadow isn’t the best if you have wrinkled eyelids). The formula is fragrance-free.

Last Updated:12.27.2013
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e.l.f. At-A-Glance

e.l.f. (it stands for which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face) was founded by Scott Vincent Borba and Joseph Shamah. The story goes that one day Borba was shopping in a dollar store and noticed women dressed in designer clothing and sporting designer handbags loading up their baskets with inexpensive nail polish, eye pencils, and lip balm. He took note of the products being sold in such stores and quickly decided he could offer products of even higher quality at the same competitive price. His idea paid off, as e.l.f. has enjoyed continued success and increased distribution online and in retail stores.

For a line offering many products for just a dollar (OK, there are plenty that cost $3 and $5, too), there are a surprising number of hits in the mix (especially the makeup brushes). True, not everything is going to be as luxurious or innovative as some higher-end brands, but overall you're likely to be impressed with what they developed for so little money, and you may just find some beauty bargains!

For more information about e.l.f., call (800) 231-4732 or visit www.eyeslipsface.com.

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