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Brow Kit provides two matte pressed powders in a mirrored compact, along with a mini brush and a quality mini tweezer. The cost is enough to make most people raise their eyebrows, but if the price tag hasn't scared you off—and you're seeking the ultimate in brow makeup convenience—this kit could be an option for you. The included mirror is double sided, offering a magnified side to help you and your mini tweezer get up close and personal with any stray brow hairs (just be careful when tweezing in a magnified mirror that you don't get carried away and tweeze too much).

As for the powders, they have a silky, smooth-blending texture that works well to fill in and enhance brows, but if the formula seems familiar to you it's because it's identical to Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow (reviewed separately). In fact, Light Brow Kit includes Cement and Birch Eyeshadow and Dark Brow Kit includes Saddle and Mohogany Eyeshadow. This compact could and should be used as an eyeshadow duo as well.

There's no question that this kit is overpriced, and having two colors to work with for brows isn't a must, but for those who want to customize their arches these tone-on-tone shades work well together and, as mentioned, are also a good option for eyeshadow (or lining eyes).

  • Very convenient compact includes just about everything you need for defined brows.
  • Powders have a silky, smooth-blending texture.
  • Can be used for defining brows, eyeshadow, and lining eyes.
  • Pricy
Last Updated:05.10.2013
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Yes
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Bobbi Brown At-A-Glance

Strengths: A good cleanser and eye makeup removers; some impressive foundations, with options for all skin types and preferences; very good blushes and eyeshadows (powder and cream); several top-notch mascaras; mostly excellent brushes.

Weaknesses: Multiple moisturizers in jar packaging, otherwise great products hindered with irritating fragrant oils or fragrance components.

It all began with lipsticks. In 1991, New York based makeup artist Bobbi Brown debuted a collection of ten lipsticks at Bergdorf Goodman, expecting to sell about one hundred units in a month. She sold more than that the first day. From there, it's been mostly success after success, as Brown launched her classic foundation stick, wrote her first book, Bobbi Brown Beauty The Ultimate Beauty Resource, and enjoyed continued attention as an in-demand makeup artist and beauty educator.

Today, Bobbi Brown's makeup that continues to excel with superior foundations, true matte blushes and eyeshadows, and with all of the other basics that are essential to anyone’s makeup wardrobe. It isn't the least bit surprising that this makeup collection continues to do so well, because for many it's one-stop shopping that combines classic makeup application techniques with enough fun-yet-functional products to keep customer's interest piqued season to season.

Turning to the skincare collection, there are a few excellent formulas, but unfortunately, many are packaged in a jar, which means their beneficial ingredients are rendered useless due to air exposure (and bacterial contamination from spatulas or fingers). In addition, some suffer from the inclusion of potent fragrant essential oils. Those that should be avoided are noted in their respective reviews. That aside, color is without a doubt Bobbi Brown's strong point—but you will find a few sleeper hits among the selection of skincare products.

For more information about Bobbi Brown, call (877) 310-9222 or visit www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com.

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