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This cream-to-powder blush contains three orange-y stripes of color in one oval-shaped, twist-up tube. When used as a blush, the soft, silicone-like texture is suitable for normal to dry skin, but the dewy finish can be too much shine for oily skin. Unfortunately, the trendy orange color of this product is not universally flattering, and will likely be a turn-off to anyone with pale skin tones or yellow undertones.

Those who aren't put off by the orange-y color should be wary of the streaky application. When applied directly from the tube, it leaves three distinct lines of color that must be blended out carefully. As a lipstick, there's no reason this product can't be used on the lips for temporary color, but it certainly won't achieve the look or wear of an actual lipstick; plus the resulting color is not for everyone.

  • OK as a cream blush for dry skin if you don't mind extra blending.
  • The orange color is not flattering for those with pale skin tones or noticeable yellow undertones.
  • Streaky, uneven application requires more time to blend.
Last Updated:04.30.2013
Jar Packaging:No
Tested on animals:Yes
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Benefit At-A-Glance

Benefit was developed by twins Jean Danielson and Jane Blackford, whose initial claim to fame was a stint as the Calgon twins back in 1960s television commercials. They opened their first cosmetics store, The Face Place, in San Francisco, circa 1976, and then, perhaps recognizing the need for a name with more impact, The Face Place became Benefit in 1990. From there the line took off and expanded its presence beyond the Bay Area to include national department stores and, eventually, Sephora boutiques.

Benefit's makeup philosophy is outrageously fun and its product arsenal is centered on impossibly cute names and a lexicon that aims to make beauty enjoyable. Benefit single-handedly started the trend of selling makeup and skincare products with ultra-cute appellations for less than ultra-fancy prices. As with most lines, there are enough missteps and problem products to shop carefully, but Benefit shines in several categories, including foundation, bronzing powder, blush, and shimmer products.

Unfortunately, some of the products simply can't live up to their promises. This is mostly true of their skincare formulas, where the showcased ingredients are either present in itsy-bitsy amounts or the claims attributed to them are very exaggerated. Despite this, if you're in the mood for a fun experience and can manage to choose products wisely while enjoying the whimsy, Benefit deserves a look.

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