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If you haven’t heard of Bésame Cosmetics yet, you probably will soon! This LA-based boutique brand has been around since 2004, but has gotten a lot more attention in recent months thanks to its addition at Sephora stores and a very prominent mention by the star of the TV series “Marvel’s Agent Carter.”

With a focus on vintage makeup shade reproductions in luxury gold packaging, Bésame is all about old Hollywood glamour. Though it offers several products, the stars of the show are definitely its lip products. I decided to check a few of them out to see how they lived up to their hype.

Classic Colour Lipstick in 1963 Portrait Pink

This is a soft, muted pink shade that on pigmented lips will make them appear just slightly pinker than normal. On me it was a great “your lips but better” shade. The application is very creamy, and all Bésame lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

The finish is slightly matte, but not dry-looking at all, and this wears well for about four hours before fading to an attractive stain.

Classic Colour Lipstick in 1955 Exotic Pink

If you like bolder pink lipsticks, this is the shade for you! Although this looks flat-out neon in the tube, on lips it appears more like a mid-tone pinkish red that can work on a variety of skin tones.

Like Portrait Pink, it has a slightly matte finish and lasts for about four hours.

Classic Colour Lipstick in 1946 Red Velvet

Here it is, the Agent Carter shade! “Agent Carter” is set in the mid-1940s, and a big part of the show is the authentic look and feel of the fashions and makeup of the time. A few months back actress Hayley Atwell, the star of the show, tweeted that this is her character’s trademark lipstick, which created a bit of a rush for those of us who love that classic 1940s red lip look.

This is a deep, almost brick red that has the most matte finish of the three lipsticks I tried, yet still feels creamy like the other two. It’s definitely a statement lipstick—at least three people asked me what I was wearing the other day when I had this on.

Grape Sweetheart Glaze

This is the only Bésame lip product that didn’t wow me. Sweetheart Lip Glaze is a relatively new product to the lineup, and is essentially a sheer lip gloss that comes in different fruit flavors and colors. Grape is a beautiful color (you can see in the picture that it’s not a true purple, but more of a purple-red), but it’s hard to get this to apply evenly. It’s sticky and drags across lips, and causes lips to stick together once it’s applied. Here, I'm wearing it over the 1946 Red Velvet Shade.

The grape smell is nice, but ultimately this doesn’t outperform a number of other sheer glosses that can be found at both the drugstore and department stores.

I should note that all the Classic Colour Lipsticks do have a vanilla scent, however this is provided by actual vanilla, which is not an irritant! The lipstick formulas would receive a five-star rating, while the Grape Sweetheart Glaze would rate two, as it just wasn't a standout formula.

If you want to see more of our newest product reviews from all brands, check out the New Reviews Section! What do you think? Have you tried Bésame Cosmetics? If so, share your thoughts!

By Mercedes Santaella-Lam, Lead Beauty Editor

Last Updated:02.11.2016
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