Smooth Liquid Camo Medium Coverage Concealer

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This liquid concealer is, ingredient for ingredient, identical to Dermablend's Smooth Liquid Camo foundation. So why did this get our top rating but the foundation didn't rate as highly? The two products are remarkably similar, but because the concealer is applied to much smaller areas than you would a foundation, it's an easier recommendation for a long-wearing, nearly budge-proof formula. While this doesn't look quite as skin-like as some other concealers, it's still worth considering if you want impressive coverage from just a tiny amount of product.

Best for normal to oily and breakout-prone skin (this covers red marks from acne like a champ), the fluid texture is easy to blend, but blending must be fast and precise because the fragrance-free formula sets quickly. Once set, you'll see nearly full coverage that lasts for hours without caking or fading, and creasing is minimal at best.

This concealer's powder-like matte finish doesn't look flat but because the formula isn't moisturizing, it's not recommended for use around the eyes unless you sufficiently prep this area with eye cream or moisturizer (preferably one rated SPF 30 or greater).

The five shades offered are great and correspond well to the various shades in this concealer's partner foundation. All of the concealer shades are warm-toned, and each has a slight peach undertone that is workable for most skin tones. Just dab on with the angled sponge tip applicator and blend, using a clean sponge or brush to smooth the edges into surrounding skin.

  • Works great over breakouts.
  • Fragrance-free, long-wearing formula.
  • Good range of shades.
  • A small amount provides considerable coverage.
  • The formula isn't the least bit moisturizing, so is not recommended for use around the eyes unless skin is prepped with moisturizer.
Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: Yes

Dermablend At-A-Glance

Strengths: None of note.

Weaknesses: Please refer to the individual product reviews below because almost every one has its own problems and distinct weaknesses; the makeup provides substantial coverage but the tradeoffs may not be worth it.

The only reason to consider this line is if you have complexion issues that demand serious coverage. Skin care from Dermablend was clearly an afterthought, because what was produced is a barely passable lot that is easily replaced by products from other lines and in all price ranges. Dermablend is owned by L'Oreal, whose own makeup collection is far superior (though none of their foundations offer opaque coverage).

For more information on Dermablend, owned by L'Oreal, call 1-800-662-8011 or visit www.dermablend.com.

Dermablend Makeup

Dermablend is one of the original opaque makeup products designed to cover serious skin discolorations such as scars, birthmarks, and vitiligo. Their core products remain the pairing of Cover Creme followed by an application of Loose Setting Powder. The main problem with this system is that in exchange for hiding your flaws, the thick texture looks obvious and greasy on the skin. Even the before-and-after images published in Dermablend literature and on their Web site make it obvious that the subjects' skin is heavily made up.

Dermablend does not disappoint if you have something to hide, but in public (especially in daylight), it will be no secret to others that you're wearing heavy-duty makeup. The concept is well-meaning, but from a reviewer's standpoint, rating these products is a tough call; whether or not to use makeup to camouflage rather than to enhance skin is a personal decision. The need for this type of makeup is intertwined with potentially delicate self-esteem issues. However, if using such cosmetics to conceal what bothers you about your skin increases your self-esteem, Im all for it. When it came to rating Dermablends products, we compared them directly to similar niche products rather than using the makeup-at-large approach we take with mainstream cosmetic lines. Dermablend is worth exploring if you can tolerate the unavoidable tradeoffs in exchange for concealing what's bothersome about your skin.

As for the ancillary products in this line, L'Oreal has not made much of a dent since acquiring Dermablend in late 2000. Their former, not-too-impressive Melasyn products are gone, and the newest items, which are less specialized than the core products mentioned above, dont have much going for them to promote the brand to mass appeal status.

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