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Thanks to a few impressive upgrades, Clarisonic's Smart Profile Sonic Brush is a sophisticated leap forward beyond their numerous other iterations. Make no mistake, this cleansing brush is a luxury product—but for those in the market for such an upgrade to their beauty routines, it's one that puts every dollar to use with its many enhancements in both functionality and durability.

With the Smart Profile Sonic Brush, you also get two brushes—the Dynamic Smart Brush Head for the face and, as a nice extra, the Turbo Body Brush for the body. It's charging cord works with both a standard wall jack and your laptop's USB port—the USB option is a nice touch that isn't available on all Clarisonic models.

When it comes time to charge the device, Clarisonic has taken further steps to make the process effortless (and enjoyable) by using an external magnetic connector. Simply hold it near the front of the Smart Profile, and the flat magnetic charging cable attaches itself and replenishes the battery free of any exposed contacts. Cool, and very Apple-like of them!

Other extras: A plastic drying station that is somewhat unnecessary—the Clarisonic can dry laying on its side—and deluxe sample sizes of Clarisonic's Refining Gel Cleanser and Skin Polish scrub. These are OK formulas, but the scrub isn't needed given the Smart Profile Sonic more than takes care of your manual exfoliation needs. But let's get to the fun stuff.

One of the more notable defining characteristics of the Smart Profile Brush is that you have, for the first time, a single tool from the brand that combines the functionality of their face, body and pedi devices. For those who are serious about their beauty indulgences, this will likely be viewed as a major selling point.

For the face, the Smart Profile Sonic Brush provides the option of choosing from four cleansing speed settings—Delicate, Universal, Makeup Removal and Professional. Clarisonic recommends "Delicate" for those with sensitive skin and "Universal" for most other skin types. The "Makeup Removal" and "Professional" settings are stronger options we would recommend reserving for removing heavy makeup and tenacious sunscreen formulas, such as those that are water-resistant or contain mineral actives of titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.

The "Delicate" speed is an option for those with sensitive skin, but not for those with rosacea or eczema. If you're battling either condition, we recommend avoiding cleansing tools like this altogether as even the mildest of them could worsen such skin disorders.

Not sure which setting to use? You also have the choice of letting the Smart Profile choose for you with their "T-Timer" function—but this 60-second, four-stage intensity cleansing cycle works only with the Dynamic Smart Brush Head. As each cycle ends, there's a beep to prompt you with the changing intensity to move across various quadrants of the face (forehead, nose/chin and cheeks).

Clarisonic also added a "turbo" button to the Smart Profile (a feature not available on their other models), which allows you to shift into a higher strength cleansing speed at any time. This is handy if you prefer using a milder setting for your Clarisonic, but still want an extra-strength cleansing boost at times for more oil-prone areas or for removing any stubborn makeup or sunscreen.

The Turbo Body Brush Head attachment is, as you would expect, larger and has firmer bristles. Once attached, it enables a more intense (and longer) cleansing cycle that also includes a massaging pulse action. With the addition of the body cleansing + massaging feature, the Smart Profile stacks the deck in extravagance—which is exactly the sentiment we would imagine Clarisonic would like the user to have.

The Smart Profile Sonic Brush is also the only tool—aside from the brand's $199 Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Device—that can be used with the Clarisonic Pedi Smoothing Disc. (All pedi attachments are sold separately.)

As mentioned earlier, Clarisonic included a number of enhancements that are specific to this device. The first is that the Smart Profile Sonic Brush indicates when it's time to change your brush head. This extra is enabled only with the Dynamic Smart Brush, and its functionality is made possible by the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip embedded into the brush head.

This is a particular area of interest to us, as Clarisonic is the first cosmetic brand that we could find using such technology. Shielded from water, the RFID chip records usage time in minutes, and sends this information to the Smart Profile. Once the RFID chip has recorded three months of usage (determined at one minute of usage per day), the chip prompts the tool to turn on the "replace brush head" light.

The brush replacement indicator is a handy feature, as the resistance of the bristles to contamination by bacteria and fungi wears down over time—meaning that you'd potentially expose your skin and eye areas to such substances. If you're curious, all Clarisonic brush heads are made from DuPont Tynex Supersoft Filaments, which are relied on for toothbrushes and other applications that require a softer touch. From what we could confirm, Clarisonic is the only manufacturer using the material for cleansing brushes.

In terms of general care for your brush, you need only rinse your brush head after each use. You can use a bit of your facial cleanser if you like, but the coating of the bristles also blunts the ability of substances like makeup from adhering or staining. Another reason to ensure you're replacing your brush head after three months of usage—as after this time period, the coating (and its benefits) begins to breakdown.

Lastly, the Smart Profile Sonic Brush has a prodigious battery life, lasting for up to 128 minutes of usage—much longer than other Clarisonic models or lesser expensive alternatives from other brands. To help you keep track, it has a battery meter that lights up while in use to indicate how much power remains until a charge is needed—incredibly useful to avoid your device dying on you mid-cleanse. (After using this daily for a few weeks, the battery meter on ours still reads as nearly full.)

If you're a Clarisonic devotee, or someone who enjoys the option of a spa-like series of treatments for your face, body and feet anytime, the Smart Profile Sonic Brush is the first device from the brand that truly goes above and beyond with its functionality and array of enhancements. Of course, no one "needs" such a tool, but this type of device is designed for a purely pampering experience while you cleanse—and to that objective, it's an undeniable success.

Note: If you're curious what is so unique about Clarisonic's patent "sonic technology," see the More Info section for these details.

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  • Waterproof.
  • Includes a dizzying array of extras and enhancements.
  • Incorporates three devices into one: face, body and pedi.
  • The only cleansing brush using sonic-vibration technology.
  • Helps cleanse skin, boosting the makeup/oil removal of your favorite cleanser.
  • Brush head options allow for sensitive skin and most skin types.
  • It's pricey, but unlike many other splurge beauty tools, most will find it isn't money wasted.
More Info:

Let's take a moment to explain what Clarisonic means with their "sonic technology," and why this matters. The brush head of the Clarisonic (and all of the various iterations, such as the Mia) vibrates at exceptionally high speeds (300 oscillations, or back-and-forth movements, every second). The design and timing of this the movement is distinctive to the Clarisonic brand, unlike spinning, oscillating head models.

Why does this matter? A spinning brush head, such as those you can find on many brands selling similar tools, has a greater risk of causing irritation and damage to skin. If you are in the mood to splurge for such a device, the Clarisonic is absolutely the best choice due to the quality of the tool, variable brush head choices and warranty availability from the brand. The fact that the Clarisonic is the only cleansing brush that uses sonic vibration technology (instead of a spin-head brush) also makes it the most gentle on skin.

Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: Yes
Smarter. Easier. More Powerful. SMART Profiles 4 speeds, SMART technology, intuitive user interface, and enhanced battery life allows for easier usage, more powerful results and 11X better cleansing than hands alone.

Clarisonic At-A-Glance

The brush head of the Clarisonic (and all of the various iterations, such as the Mia) vibrates at exceptionally high speeds (300 oscillations, or back-and-forth movements, every second). The design and timing of this the movement is unique to the brand, unlike spinning, oscillating head models. Why does this matter? A spinning brush head, such as those you can find on many brands selling similar tools, has a greater risk of causing irritation to skin. The question is, is the Clarisonic worth its cost? Does the expense mean you'll get significantly cleaner skin? Is Oprah Winfrey on to something by naming this device one of her favorite things? Read our reviews to find out!

For more information about Clarisonic visit www.clarisonic.com.

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