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Itchy skin can be a problem no matter your age, but DerMend maintains it's the most common skin disorder among people ages 65 or older. The question is does DerMend's Moisturizing Anti-Itch Lotion work to stop the itch, and the answer for all skin types is yes!

Actually, let's make that a conditional yes. The reason for that is because skin itches for a variety of reasons, and what works to stop it won't be the same for everyone. That's one reason there's a variety of itch-relieving ingredients.

This product's active ingredient is 1% pramoxine HCL, a topical pain-relieving ingredient that works to quiet the itch signal. When this signal is disrupted, you won't feel the need to scratch. This in turn gives skin a chance to heal from the damage constant scratching causes, such as from eczema or even just plain dry skin.

This round bottle-packaged moisturizer is dispensed via its flip-cap top. Along with the anti-itch ingredient, you're getting a fairly basic, but effective, roster of emollient ingredients, including mineral oil, lanolin, and dimethicone.

The fragrance-free formula spreads easily, leaving a protective layer of moisture that helps alleviate dryness while the anti-itch active does its job. This isn't the silkiest or most elegant-feeling lotion—the finish can feel waxy—but it's a very good option for use on small areas where itchiness is a problem. Once the itch is under control, we recommend switching to one of the state of the art products on our list of Best Body Lotions & Creams.

  • Contains a proven itch-relieving ingredient.
  • Easy to dispense and apply.
  • Relieves signs of dryness.
  • Lets skin feel comfortable again.
  • Fragrance free.
  • A somewhat basic formula in terms of emollients and a lack of replenishing ingredients.
  • The finish feels waxy (but also protective, so you might find the trade-off worth it).
Jar Packaging: No

Pruritus, or itchy skin, is the most common skin disorder for individuals above the age of 65. DerMend Moisturizing Anti-Itch Lotion offers targeted, gentle care to relieve itchy, dry and irritated skin without steroids. The exclusive formula restores much-needed moisture to mature skin and the Pramoxine HCl safely stops itch quickly and effectively.

Strengths: An effective, exfoliating moisturizer that can work to help reduce the appearance and speed healing of bruises.

Weaknesses: Routine use of a product with arnica oil can cause skin irritation, so only use if/when needed.

For more information about DerMend, visit www.dermend.com.

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