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Marvelous Moxie Lipstick

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We were a bit skeptical when we heard Bare Escentuals' claim that Marvelous Moxie Lipstick makes lips look "fuller and more voluptuous" because many lip products that make that claim contain irritants to temporarily make your lips look fuller and puffier—but actually are doing damage in the process! As we suspected, that's the case with Marvelous Moxie Lipstick, too.

On the flipside of that disappointment, this does have a rich, creamy texture that glides on easily, leaving an attractive satin finish. The color quality is rich, and it comes in a good variety of shades, from neutral brownish pink to day-glo fuchsia. It wears as well as most standard creamy lipsticks, leaves a nice stain, and is moisturizing enough that lips never feel dry.

But, back to the bad news: Marvelous Moxie contains peppermint oil, a known irritant that could actually cause problems for your lips over time, and that doesn't help in any way. The smell and taste of peppermint are prominent when you wear it, and it makes lips tingle slightly, which means irritation is taking place. Marvelous Moxie is best left on the shelf, where it can't cause trouble for your lips. Instead, check out our list of Best Lipsticks for some great tingle-free options!

  • Lipstick glides on easily and has an attractive satin finish.
  • Color quality is rich, and the shade variety is good.
  • Wears well for a creamy lipstick and fades evenly.
  • Contains peppermint oil, a known irritant that can break down collagen.
  • The prominent peppermint scent and flavor could be a turnoff for some.
  • Pricey, especially when you consider that the formula contains a known irritant.
Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: No

Bare Escentuals At-a-Glance

Makeup is what this San Francisco-based cosmetics line is primarily about, and they use the pure and natural marketing angle to entice consumers. Founded in 1976 by Diane Ranger, who left the company in the early '90s Bare Escentuals was one of the first brands to introduce the concept of loose powder foundation. Since then, they have moved beyond it to include liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers and an ever expanding line of color cosmetics as well as skincare products.

The products are sold in most Sephora boutiques and Ulta stores, though the full selection of skincare products is most often found at the Bare Escentuals freestanding stores scattered throughout the United States.

We should note that loose powder makeup does take some practice to get the hang of, yet there is no denying that this type of foundation has its fan base. There is a lot to love about Bare Escentuals, even if mineral makeup isn't your thing (especially their price ranges, which have remained affordable in comparison to many of their neighbors at Sephora).

Strengths: Good makeup removers; a few well-formulated powders with SPF; some nice eyeshadows and impressive mascaras; some impressive foundations; several elegant brush options; not too expensive.

Weaknesses: Some of the loose powder products have texture and finish concerns; some of the skincare contain potentially problematic ingredients.

For more information about Bare Escentuals, call 1.888.795.4747 or visit www.bareescentuals.com.

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