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Biologique Recherche Lotion P50-1970 is the brand’s original formula. It’s the one that started it all, developed a cult-like following, and led to several spin-off products thirty years later, most of them less potent than this. In short, Lotion P50-1970 is not recommended, it’s simply too risky for skin.

Packaged just like all the other P50 Lotions in a translucent bottle with an opaque white cap, Lotion P50-1970 isn’t a traditional lotion but rather a watery toner-like liquid. You’re directed to apply this at least twice daily using a cotton pad, sweeping up from the chest to the hairline.

A huge reason Lotion P50-1970 is not recommended is because it contains phenol, an incredibly potent ingredient that exfoliates skin in a way that is much stronger—and thus much more irritating—than AHAs like glycolic acid or BHA (salicylic acid). In fact, phenol is so strong that it isn’t permitted for use in cosmetics in many parts of the world. It quickly penetrates skin and can get into the body, where it could cause numerous problems. Phenol is carefully used for some medical purposes, including as an oral anesthetic and in some topical, potent anti-itch products, but it’s not a good ingredient to use for daily skin care—far from it!

The soothing ingredients this P50 exfoliant contains will be of little help to shield skin from the penetrative nature of phenol, used here at a pH of 3.5.

One of the things phenol does that makes it extra-concerning when applied to skin is that it anesthetizes (numbs) it. That’s why it is sometimes used in oral medications to treat a sore throat. On skin, this action means you will be less able to tell when your skin is being irritated, but as we explain in More Info, skin can be good at hiding when it’s irritated.

Many people love the P50 Lotions (and, in the case of this one, willingly endure the unpleasant side effects—like burning and redness—mentioned in consumer reviews), which is why we want to take this opportunity to tell you our conclusions aren’t based on personal opinion or how we experienced these products. Instead, they’re based on what the research on the ingredients has shown to be true, both for better and for worse, though there’s very little that’s “better” about this particular P50 formula.

Please, for the health of your skin, consider any of the options from several other brands on our lists of Best AHA and Best BHA Exfoliants (including those rated four stars), and avoid this P50 formula. Even if you’re intensely curious to see how it works for you, we cannot stress enough that it isn’t worth the risk, not when there are plenty of gentler, effective alternatives. If you have to try a P50 Lotion, go for Lotion P50V, as this is the least troublesome in the group.

Note: This product is also sold in a 1.7 ounce size for $28 or an 8.1 ounce size for $101.

  • Contains ingredients that can exfoliate skin and are at the right pH to do so.
  • Phenol is a damaging ingredient, even in lower amounts.
  • Phenol’s numbing helps skin further hide that it’s being irritated.
  • High amounts of vinegar and sulfur can cause dryness and further irritation.
  • Formaldehyde-like scent is not likely to win any fans.

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More Info:

Irritating Ingredients: We cannot stress this enough: Sensitizing, harsh, abrasive, and/or fragrant ingredients are bad for all skin types. Daily application of skincare products that contain these irritating ingredients is a major way we unwittingly do our skin a disservice!

Irritating ingredients are a problem because they can lead to visible problems, such as redness, rough skin, dull skin, dryness, increased oil production, and clogged pores, and they contribute to making signs of aging worse.

Switching to non-irritating, gentle skincare products can make all the difference in the world. Non-irritating products are those packed with beneficial ingredients that also replenish and soothe skin, without any volatile ingredients, such as those present in fragrance ingredients, whether natural or synthetic.

A surprising fact: Research has demonstrated that you do not need to see or feel the effects of irritants on your skin for your skin to be suffering, and visible damage may not become apparent for a long time. Don’t get lulled into thinking that if you don’t see or feel signs of irritation, everything is OK.

Generally, it’s best to eliminate, or minimize as much as possible, your exposure to ingredients that are known to irritate skin. There are many completely non-irritating products that contain effective ingredients, so there’s no reason to put your skin at risk with products that include ingredients research has shown can be a problem.

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Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: No

The P50, P50V and P50W balancing exfoliators are the unique fruit of 30 years of reflection and experience. P50 balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfill its protective functions completely, enhancing skin's self-regeneration potential. Lotion P50, our most famous and coveted product, is the keystone to Biologique Recherche skin care treatment. It is applied in the morning and in the evening. It gently exfoliates the skin, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain the epidermis' acid pH.

Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Phenol, Niacinamide, Vinegar (Acetum), Ethoxydiglycol, Magnesium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Arctium Lappa Root (Burdock Root) Extract, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sulfur.

Biologique Recherche is a skin care line created by French husband and wife team Yvan and Josette Allouche, who are respectively a biologist and a physiotherapist. As the story goes, Yvan prepared skin care solutions for Josette’s patients, and the formulations soon became a word-of-mouth hit. In 1970, the pair started selling the products to dermatologists and estheticians, and a developed enough of a following that today the products are available in 70 countries.

The star product for Biologique Recherche is its P50 Lotion, which is an exfoliating solution. Nearly 50 years after its creation, it remains a top seller and has spun off variations for different skin types and concerns. While these products get exfoliation right – they feature proven AHA and PHA ingredients usually formulated at the ideal pH for exfoliation – they also include ingredients like vinegar, sulfur, and phenol which are harsh and damaging to skin.

Biologique Recherche range extends beyond their coveted leave-on exfoliants to also include cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, many containing pretty hefty price tags for relatively lackluster formulas. Nevertheless, this brand’s air of French exclusivity, limited availability, and devoted following of the P50 Lotion and spinoffs are enough to keep this brand at the forefront among beauty junkies around the world.

For more information on the brand, visit www.biologique-recherche.us.

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