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Lip scrubs are one way to remove flaky skin that keeps lips from being smooth (most of us have been there), and ColourPop’s Lippie Scrub is one of the better options we’ve come across!

First, we’ll get to one issue: the jar packaging choice for this product is sort of a mixed bag. Many times, it’s the most effective type of packaging for this type of thick, balmy product, but there’s a hygiene issue since you dip your finger into it every time you use it. That part isn’t quite as big of a deal since this is not a water-based product (bacteria thrive in water), but it’s still not ideal.

Many of the beneficial ingredients included, such as the non-fragrant plant oils, lose their effectiveness as antioxidants due to being repeatedly exposed to light and air. In this case, however, ColourPop makes no anti-aging claims for these antioxidants, so it’s not as much of a concern.

Getting to the scrub itself: it contains very tiny particles of sugar (sucrose) for physical exfoliation. Immediately following that on the ingredient list are conditioning ingredients including petrolatum, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, and rice bran extract. You’re supposed to use this scrub, then wipe it off, which results in instantly smoother and conditioned lips.

Another thing that isn’t as great, there is some fragrance (flavor) in the formula, though it’s subtle and doesn’t stick around long after you wipe off the scrub. Still, fragrance free is preferred.

That aside, this is a good way to remove dry, flaky skin to reveal a plusher pout in seconds. Just be sure to use gentle pressure given how delicate the lips are.

  • Sugar scrub particles provide gentle exfoliation to lips.
  • Includes several lip-conditioning ingredients.
  • Lips are left noticeably softer and smoother after use.
  • Packaged in a jar (though this isn’t as much of an issue as it isn’t water-based).
  • Contains fragrance (flavor), which isn’t the best for skin.
Jar Packaging: Yes
Tested on animals: No

If you havent heard of the makeup brand ColourPop yet, chances are you will soon. A favorite of beauty bloggers and fashion columnists, this Los Angeles-based makeup company has made a splash thanks to its seemingly endless offering of color products, bargain prices, and savvy use of social media. The brand certainly captured our attention, and we were glad it did!

ColourPops sticking point is that the brand is something of an enigma in this age of instant information; very little is known about its owners and origins, save that its parent company is a brand called Seed Beauty. We also know that all aspects of its production are centered in the Los Angeles area (which is why the brand claims its turnaround in creating new products can be as short as a month).

At the time of this writing, ColourPop's focus is strictly on makeup, particularly eye, lip, and cheek-area products (there are no complexion products yet, like foundation). ColourPop's chief claim to fame, according to its website, is that it offers luxury formulas at prices that wont break the bank. For the most part that description is, pardon the pun, right on the money!

The brands signature products are their Super Shock Shadows, which feature a bouncy cream/powder texture, and as a whole perform brilliantly with an impressive color payoff, great wear, and a price that's right around $5 each. ColourPop also does well with its Super Shock Cheek blushes and highlighters, which have the same distinctive texture as the shadows.

Despite our obvious enthusiasm, not to say every product from ColourPop is top-tier. While most of its lip products are good, there are a few that didn't apply evenly and had haphazard performance. Overall though, this is a line that has quite a bit to offer, and with the biggest ticket item costing only $8, most can afford to try a few different options to see what they like best, and you're highly likely to find some bona-fide beauty bargains that outperform much more expensive makeup.

For more information, visit Colourpop.com or tweet them @colourpopco.

Note: The company does not provide a phone number on their website, but they do provide an email address and promise to reply to messages within 2 business days.

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