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This is a moisturizing lipstick with a light, creamy texture. There is a well-edited range of shades, which are slightly darker variations of natural lip color. Most of the colors are based on dusty rose hues, with a few deeper reds and browns.

The medium pigmentation and a soft satin finish can provide a natural appearance depending on the color of your lips, which makes Burberry's claim of this being a "second skin" for lips in the realm of possibility. Although this slightly fragranced lipstick doesn't have much staying power due to its texture, it's so lush and hydrating that chances are good you'll want to reapply even before you need to!

As for the anti-aging ceramides you may hear Burberry counter staff rave about—they are present, but only a light dusting, so they're not going to be of much benefit to your lips, and a lipstick container won't keep those ingredients stable anyway. As much as we like this lipstick, it must be said that you can find equally good options for half the price or less.

  • Creamy, moisturizing texture is especially good for dry lips.
  • Well-edited shade range.
  • Even coverage with medium pigment.
  • Natural-looking, soft satin finish.
  • Expensive, given there are many BEST-rated lipsticks available for less than half the price.
Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: Yes

Strengths: Great highlighting lotion and powder; some good foundations; selection of lip color products, including Lip Velvet.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent eyeshadow quality; limited shade selection in complexion products; Burberry Beauty has poor in-store and online availability, items are often out-of-stock for long periods of time; strong, pervasive fragrance is an issue in several products.

British fashion house Burberry has a long history, dating back to 1856 when the company opened its first store in Basingstoke, England. Initially specializing in outerwear, Burberry is credited with creating the first true trench coat for the British military in the early 1900s, which quickly gained popularity with the general public after World War I. In the years since their trench coat became a fashion staple, Burberry has become a global brand, and now has stores all over the world. In 2010, Burberry, taking a cue from other high fashion brands such as Armani and Chanel, launched its own line of cosmetics, Burberry Beauty.

Burberry Beauty's lineup of products is relatively small compared to those of competing designer brands, but it includes all the basics: foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. Unfortunately, many of the Burberry Beauty products have better packaging than performance, and definitely more style than substance. The bottles, compacts, and various cases look very high-end, with each product featuring the iconic Burberry check plaid, a pattern the company began using as its signature in the 1920s. Unfortunately, iconic brand symbols and pretty packaging dont necessarily make for great makeup.

Despite its designer pedigree, Burberry Beauty is sadly mediocre, especially given its heritage and price point. If a designer name holds more allure for you when shopping for makeup, then Dior, Chanel, or Armani are all much better options.

For more information about Burberry Beauty, visit www.burberry.com or call (877) 217-4085.

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