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Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss

for $ 28.00
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Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss isn't a bad lip gloss by any means, but for what Hourglass is charging, you should be getting so much more than what this offers!

While this is indeed smooth and applies easily, the claims Hourglass makes about the color quality doesn't apply to all the colors. While the darker shades are opaque, some of the lighter, more sparkly shades require quite a bit of product to get a full color impact.

Extreme Sheen does have a very glossy finish, but is not nearly as moisturizing as Hourglass states. Once it's faded away, your lips don't feel any more moisturized than they were before you applied it. This gloss does have a faint vanilla flavor to it, but that dissipates within a few minutes of putting it on.

In the end, this is just an average gloss, and given the price – "average" just doesn't cut it at $28 a pop!

  • Smooth texture applies easily.
  • Darker colors are truly opaque.
  • Very glossy finish as advertised.
  • Lighter shades require more product to get a full color impact.
  • Isn't as moisturizing as claimed.
  • Overpriced for a mediocre gloss (if you're going to spend this much on gloss it better be knock-your-socks-off amazing).
Jar Packaging: No
Tested on animals: No

Hourglass At-A-Glance

Hourglass Cosmetics bills itself as luxury performance makeup, and for the most part that description is apt. The luxury aspect is apparent in the brand's packaging, which evokes sophistication and glamour. As for what's inside, while not every Hourglass product is a blockbuster, it has a number of strong products in its lineup, particularly its Ambient Lighting collection of powder makeup products. There are also some standout options for lip colors, and its Veil Fluid Makeup Oil SPF 15 foundation is a blogger and Beautypedia favorite for good reason (you can find out exactly why in our individual review). Hourglass does offer a small selection of skincare, but when it comes to this brand makeup is truly where its strengths lie.

For more information about Hourglass Cosmetics, visit www.hourglasscosmetics.com or call 310-392-7799.

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