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Best & Worst Makeup Products: May 2015

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With summer just around the corner, beauty brands are following suit with longwearing makeup options and hot, new products. Find out which make a splash and which simply crash in this month’s Best and Worst Makeup!

The New Makeup Products Reviewed: Four-Star Faves

It’s not very often that we have this many new standout favorites in one month, but May was a full-on beautygasm. Here’s the cream of the crop.

  • M.A.C. Pro Longwear Waterproof Nourishing Foundation ($32) – On the hunt for a foundation that will make it through the workday like a champ? This is a solid bet for its longwearing coverage and natural-looking matte finish. It isn't quite "waterproof" enough to last through an extended swim, but it certainly holds up through rain, humidity and sweat. The perfect foundation for summer!
  • Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hr. Kissproof Lipcolour ($6.69) – If you’re not one of the nearly 50,000 people who have already watched our video review of this tenacious, two-step lip color, you’re missing out. Provocalips lives up to the hype with long-lasting performance and beautiful color payoff. Prepare to be amazed!
  • Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss ($22) – Lip glosses are a dime a dozen, but this one stands out from the pack due to its remarkably smooth, moisturizing feel that lasts for hours + saturated pigmentation that delivers opaque coverage in a single coat. High five Urban Decay!
  • Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer ($25) – If precise spot coverage is what you’re after, this concealer a must-see. The uniquely thin applicator makes concealing small imperfections a breeze and the fade-resistant, opaque coverage holds up amazingly well (8+ hours!). With a stellar shade range to boot!
  • Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow ($4.49) – Run, don’t walk, to get these eyeshadows singles. For under $5 a pop, you get suede-smooth application, rich color deposit, and a formula that doesn't flake, crease, or fade. Can you tell we’re a little excited?
  • NARS Dual Intensity Blush ($45) – What’s all the buzz about? This powder blush offers the versatility of wet or dry application and works beautifully in either regard. Applied dry you get rich, buildable color that blends on like butter, or you can apply wet with a slightly dampened brush to amplify the color and pearlescent sheen. Either way the long-lasting color is impressive.
  • Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection ($16) – Twentysomethings this might just be your new secret weapon. It isn’t a mascara, but rather a serum that softens, smooths and preps already-mascara'd lashes for another coat (handy for amping up makeup before hitting the town). No more tugging or flaking as you touch up mascara, and more to love, it boosts thickness too!

The No-So-Great New Makeup Products Reviewed: Two-Stars (or Lower)

May’s makeup hits had us on a high, but every party has a Debbie Downer. These are the makeup launches not worth your time and money.

  • Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette ($46) – While this eyeshadow palette features some gorgeous shades, we noticed consistently splotchy application and fallout from several of them. Kat V Don makes some impressive products, this just isn’t one of them.
  • CoverGirl UltraSmooth Foundation ($14.49) – The biggest differentiator of this foundation is the gimmicky applicator it comes with, but even that turns out to be a letdown. That combined with poor performance lands this foundation on the dud list. *sad horn*

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